About Us.

Just a bunch of guys and gals on trikes.

Just a bunch of guys and gals on trikes.

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Kween Cab, formerly Red Devil Rides, began offering pedicab rides in Austin, Texas in 2008. Our mission is, and has always been, to provide fun and memorable pedicab rides. From that simple foundation, we have grown our fleet across the country and have operated our pedicabs at some of the largest events in the US.With two home bases in Austin, Texas and Orlando, Florida, we are able to service big events on a national level such as races, sporting events, concerts, conventions, and festivals. Our drivers are legit! Our team of pedicab pros spans all ethnicities, sexual orientations, age groups, and income brackets. And yes, their calves are made of steel. If it looks like we make a hard job look easy, well... we kinda do.

Our Company History.

Started the company in 2008 with one pedicab.  Pedicabbing day and night to avoid adulthood and having to find a real job..

Expanded the Austin fleet and obtained permits through the Arlington, TX pedicab lottery (Yes, they actually have those). Began operating pedicabs at Texas Rangers and Dallas Cowboys games.

Hit the road! Started traveling to events around the country; music festivals, fairs, races and sporting events.  Began operating as the exclusive pedicab operator for Circuit of the Americas in Austin.

Opened a 2nd shop in Orlando, Florida and began providing pedicab services at events in the Southeast, from Miami up to Charlotte.

Built up our Orlando fleet and operated the inaugural Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix in Miami Gardens, Florida with a fleet of nearly 100 pedicabs!


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We Make FUN Advertising

We felt it inappropriate to sell you something on our about page, since giving rides and selling ads isn’t what we’re about, it’s just what we do.  We do it pretty well, too.  So,if you want to buy something, check out our services.
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If all that sounds fine and dandy, come and join our squad.  We’re always on the lookout for guys and gals to ride a trike or turn a wrench.  We’ve even got an onboarding page for such a thing.