The Pedicab Ad Deal, Start to Finish

Contract and Deposit

Kween Cab finalizes agreement terms with brand and collects deposit for production costs.


Driver Clinics

Brand representative and Kween Cab managers work with drivers to ensure accurate delivery of brand message.


 Template Fitting

& Art approval 

Kween Cab designers work with brand to properly fit template.  Final approval is given by brand.



We do our thing!  We get the ads out, deliver the message, and deploy the service for all to enjoy



Finalized art files are sent to printer.  Prints are printed and cut to size for proffessional installation.


Metrics & Reporting

Once the service is operating the campaign will be visible on social media



Installers receive prints and begin installation.  First proofs of installs are sent to brand to incite giddiness.


Proof of Performance


They say the proof is in the pudding, or in this case, our POP report.



Signs     vs    Wraps

Deciding to go with signs or wraps is a big decision with any pedicab advertisement campaign. 


Pedicab signs are typically half the cost of wraps and allow for more of the advertisement budget to go toward the quantity and size of the campaign.  On the other hand, signs only cover the main advertisement areas on the front, sides, and rear of the cab.  This leaves much of the surface area of the cab exposed which can lead to color clashing depending on the color of the cab underneath.


Pedicab wraps look great and cover 90% of the full surface area of the pedicab body.  They look better, cleaner, cover more surface area, and they are more noticeable than signs.  This is an ideal choice for companies who want to go the extra mile to deliver a powerful branding message by fully transforming the pedicab into an interactive mobile billboard.


Half wraps are a compromise between the two, and provide a discounted version of the pedicab wrap.  Half wraps cover the front kick plate, sides, and rear.  The sides and rear of the pedicab are covered in a single wrapped graphic, while leaving out the front portion of the cab and all of the ad-space viewable from the passenger seating area.