The Campaign Trail


Braintree Payment Solutions 

Kween Cab provided a large 50+ cab branding blitz for Braintree Payment Solutions and the Venmo payment app.  In ten days, approximately 75 drivers contributed to the campaign providing VIP rides and social media promotion all while being decked out in Braintree branding and riding on fully wrapped cabs.  We can quickly assemble large scale campaigns of most any size and function!


  • 10 day pedicab blitz

  • 50 cabs & 60 drivers

  • Social Media & Driver Branding

  • Promoted mobile app signups for Venmo to passengers on cab



Full Wraps • Social Media• Mobile Branding 

Free Rides ​• VIP Rides • Driver Branding


Kettle One

Kettle One branded pedicabs were on the street in full force during SXSW 2016.  Kween Cab pedicabs were transporting customers through the most highly trafficked streets, all while brandishing Kettle One custom reflective pedicab wraps.  If need be, Kween Cab drivers can receive special training to provide dedicated rides and other services for cabs brandishing liquor beverage related advertisements, should local laws require.


  • Pedicabs Fully Wrapped using material with special reflective paint

  • Campaign utilized all Mainstreet Classics

  • Social Media and Mobile Branding Services

Social Media • Half Wraps • Mobile Branding 


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Nature Raised Farms

Nature Raised Farms combined their organic line of chicken with organic transportation during their campaign with Kween Cab.  Our company has a zero carbon output to make our wheels go round and round, and some companies find that quite attractive!  We provided our promotional distribution and mobile branding services at two large music festivals. When it comes to using eco-friendly advertising to get the word out on new products and services brands can advertise with us to achieve both goals.     



  • 120 day campaign

  • 12 pedicabs fully wrapped

  • Promotional Material Distribution

  • Custom Dispatch Requests and VIP Service to executives

Full Wraps • Promotional Material distribution • Mobile Branding 


Johnnie Walker


The USGP Formula 1 attracts hundreds of thousands of people every year and some of the globe's most well-known brands. Johnnie Walker branded pedicabs were on the streets to deliver festival goers to and from shuttel bus areas and to help navigate the streets during times of increased road closures.      



Social Media • Half Wraps 

Mobile Branding 

  • 14 day USGP Formula 1 Campaign

  • Social Media and Half Wraps

  • Branding message customized, swapped before and after event