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Pedicab Branding

Kween Cab provides a large array of services for festival organizers and brands nationwide. With exclusive access to private venues Kween Cab can deliver branding messages at ground zero; in parking lots, crowded foot- paths, or at entrances and exits.  Our activations can range from 10 to 100 pedicabs, in regional or national markets, and take place at any venue given on-site approval. Our coverage can be viral or focus on targeted quality impressions. 

Kween Cab has provided campaigns for some of the world's most well-known brands since 2008.   From tech, to garment, to beverage-liquor Kween Cab has branded it all!  Even world class auto racing organizations have utilized our services.  Our case studies will provide an overview of some of our campaigns, the services that were used, and multimedia from the campaign.  

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Advertisement Services


Mobile Billboard Services

Mobile billboard design may range from vast and complex product displays (with light and sound customizations) to basic vehicle wraps which fully convert the exterior surface of the pedicab into a striking visual brand display. 

Driver Branding

Driver branding incorporates the physical appearance and interaction of the driver with the customer. For increased brand presence and added visual impact pedicab drivers may be fitted with T‐shirts and apparel provided by the sponsor.  To add personality and depth to the customerʼs impression with the brand, drivers may be encouraged to deliver a message or an interaction that the sponsor would like to convey about their brand. Incentives are also encouraged (i.e. free product or a prize for the driver with most hits on social media service). A brand representative to clinic the pedicab drivers is highly important to maintain consistent messaging. 


Dedicated (Free) Rides

Free/Dedicated rides provide the greatest opportunity for a positive impression.  In this case the brand pays a set hourly rate per driver, and the drivers provide free rides on behalf of the brand.  This in unison with an effective brand pitch, promotional material distribution, and a visually captivating mobile billboard activation makes for the most effective branding opportunity Kween Cab has to offer its clients. 

Promotional Material Distribution

Kween Cab can hand out flyers, shwag, and any promotional items that make your campaign more effective.  We can customize the timing, location, and method of promotional material distribution so that it's exactly what your company needs to be successful. 

Multi‐Media Advertisement

Sponsors may show audio/visual commercials, clips, photos or sound bytes on 9” tablet displays.  These Android based displays are mounted behind the driver seat in full view for customers to see.

Advertisements may be programmed into a slide-show format or be made to appear in a location-based manner that will queue advertisements on-screen depending on the physical location of the pedicab. 

Custom Build Outs

Kween Cab can take your brandʼs most creative concepts and build them into a stand out campaign.

Our custom build-outs include cab modification, custom built product displays, and custom sound and lighting.  Pedicabs can also be integrated with technology and can serve multiple functions such as providing dispatch and delivery services, user registrations, sign ups, and email lists. 

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